The mission of the HDI Kentucky Partnership for Early Childhood Services is to engage in collaborative research and professional development to influence policy and practice in order to enhance high quality services for children and families.

Child Care Aware of Kentucky

Providing supports that help increase knowledge of and demand for high quality early care and education services through

The Kentucky Early Childhood Data System

Designed to provide a data system that will allow teachers and providers at the local level to implement high quality curriculum-based assessments that inform instructional and classroom practices yet provide data at the regional/district and state level on the extent to which children are meeting the Kentucky Early Childhood Standards and OSEP Child Outcomes.

Online Learning

20 online course options are available, from 1-hour sessions to better prepare you for working with children with disabilities to a 17-hour intensive course on becoming an effective trainer. To view the course catalog and register, please go to www.kentuckypartnership.org/registration.


Beth Rous  Beth Rous - Executive Director -


Mary Howard Mary Howard - Associate Director-


Caroline Gooden Caroline Gooden - Associate Director-


Amy Booth  Amy Booth - Health and Safety Coordinator-

amy.booth@uky.edu  (859) 257-4910

Christine Hausman  Christine Hausman - Professional Development Delivery Coordinator-

christine.hausman@uky.edu  (859) 257-2078

Kim Gipson Kim Gipson - Professional Development Content Coordinator-

kimberley.gipson@uky.edu (859) 257-3321

Beth Potter - Professional Development Attainment Coordinator-


Michelle Johnson  Michelle Johnson - Quality Coordinator-


Previous Projects and Initiatives

  • CONNECT: The Center to Mobilize Early Childhood Knowledge
    Web-based resources and modules on effective practices to help faculty and professional development providers build early childhood practitioners' abilities to make evidence-based decisions. http://connect.fpg.unc.edu/
  • Kentucky Early Childhood Transition Project
    Provided training and technical assistance throughout the Commonwealth to families and professionals interested in early childhood transition, evidence-based practice, emerging trends and changing legal requirements.
  • National Early Childhood Transition Project
     Examining factors that promote successful transitions between infant/toddler programs, preschool programs, and public school programs for young children with disabilities and their families. http://www.hdi.uky.edu/NECTC/NECTC/Home.aspx
  • Professional Development Framework Research Collaborative
    Investigated the Impact of a Statewide Unified Professional Development System.
  • Strong Start Institute
    Promoted family and early childhood program partnerships to increase involvement, improve child outcomes and program quality.