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Busting Common Kentucky All STARS Myths

May 08, 2017

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MYTH: Kentucky All STARS will go away at the end of December 2017.

Although Race to the Top funding will end December 2017, Kentucky All STARS will not. When Kentucky All STARS regulations are enacted, STARS for KIDS NOW will be replaced entirely by Kentucky All STARS. Kentucky All STARS will operate using the funding currently allocated for STARS for KIDS NOW once regulations are enacted and Race to the Top funding ends.


MYTH: I cannot participate in Kentucky All STARS because I currently participate in STARS for KIDS NOW.

Programs are encouraged to participate in Kentucky All STARS and STARS for KIDS NOW to maximize the supports and benefits of the two programs during this transition period.


MYTH: If I am too needy on my Lakeshore Learning Materials Needs Assessment, it will impact my Kentucky All STARS rating.

The Needs Assessment is a tool to help Child Care Aware and the Division of Child Care provide you the learning materials your program needs. Your Needs Assessment is only shared with your Quality Coach and used solely for the purpose of ordering the materials that your program can use. Your Needs Assessment has no impact on your All STARS rating.


MYTH: Although my program qualifies for a level three rating, I cannot submit my documentation until I receive a level two rating.

Programs can submit for any level at any time; there is no need to move up one level at a time. Programs are encouraged to submit documentation supporting the highest possible level their program can achieve.


MYTH: There are no resources to help me advance in level in Kentucky All STARS.

Child Care Aware and the Division of Child Care are proud to offer both monetary and non-monetary incentives and supports to help programs advance in level in Kentucky All STARS. Non-monetary incentives include coaching and technical assistance, no-cost training and professional development, and Lakeshore Learning materials. Contact your Quality Coach to learn about how these incentives can help your program advance in Kentucky All STARS. 


Still have questions or need help getting started?

Submit your questions via the Kentucky All STARS website or contact your Quality Coach to get started!