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New Background Check Information

Dec 08, 2017
Information about upcoming changes to background checks.


December 7, 2017

Dear Provider,

The Department for Community Based Services (DCBS), Division of Child Care (DCC) will be filing new administrative regulations on December 15, 2017, regarding the new background check requirements for child care providers.  These new administrative regulations make background checks more comprehensive - better protecting the health, safety, and welfare of children in child care settings.  In addition, the new administrative regulations ensure compliance with state requirements of KRS 199.8965 and federal requirements in 42 U.S.C 9858f and 45 C.F.R. 98.43, avoiding the loss of federal award under the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG).

DCBS is fortunate to be able to use the National Background Check Program (NBCP) administered by the Office of Inspector General (OIG).  There are currently fingerprint scan sites in 80 counties across the state making fingerprinting easily accessible.  A list of scan sites and map will be shared upon implementation.  In addition, NBCP directs each background check applicant to the nearest three fingerprint scan sites. 

These administrative regulations require all child care staff members to submit to the new background checks no later than September 30, 2018.  Additionally, all adult household members residing in a Type II licensed, certified, or registered provider home are required to submit to the new background check.  DCBS has projected upwards of 25,000 new and existing child care staff members will be subject to this administrative regulation in its first year.  The federal definition of a child care staff member is “...an individual (other than an individual who is related to all children for whom child care services are provided):

  • Who is employed by a child care provider for compensation, including contract employees or self-employed individuals;
  • Whose activities involve the care or supervision of children for a child care provider or unsupervised access to children who are cared for or supervised by a child care provider; or
  • Any individual residing in a family child care home who is age 18 and older.” [45 C.F.R. 98.43(a)(2)(ii)]

Providers will be responsible for any fees charged by agencies, such as the Kentucky State Police (KSP) (i.e., $20 plus $5 for rap back feature) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) (i.e., $12) for completion of the background checks.  Other out-of-state fees may apply to individuals who currently reside or have resided out-of-state in the last five years.  DCBS plans to use its resources (i.e., Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge Grant funds) to absorb or at least offset some costs to providers.  Based on projections, these funds should cover the initial background checks through NBCP in 2018 for all providers.  The cabinet’s administrative fees passed on to providers after available resources have been exhausted are unknown at this time but per the administrative regulations, these fees cannot exceed $25.

DCC will pilot the NBCP on a volunteer basis starting December 15, 2017, until the staged statewide implementation begins in January 2018.  Below is the schedule DCC has developed to ensure all new and existing child care staff members meet the established timeline:

Background Check Submission and Fingerprinting Month

Renewal Month of the Child Care Provider’s License, Certification, or Registration

# of Staff and Volunteers Totals

January and February 2018

April, May


March 2018

June, July


April 2018



May 2018

September, October


June 2018

November, December


July and August 2018

January, February


September 2018







More information will be shared in the coming weeks on how to access the new system, how to use the new system, frequently asked questions, and contact information should you experience any difficulties or have questions not addressed by the material provided.  Please save any questions you may have until after receiving and reading all information.


Andrea T. Day

Core Section Supervisor

Division of Child Care

Department for Community Based Services

Copied from an email sent December 8, 2017 to Kentucky child care providers