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Copyright and Trainings

Jun 19, 2018

police car
You have just finished conducting a training.  It was amazing.  The evaluations raved about your use of videos and images and how much they supported the topic you were discussing.  As you take a sip of your coffee, you smile and think of how you can’t wait to incorporate more videos and graphics into your next trainings.  You then hear a knock on the door.  It’s the Copyright Police.  It has come to their attention that you were using videos and graphics without permission from the author.  They would like to take you downtown to discuss this further.

While it is pretty unlikely that the Copyright Police will come knocking on your door, protecting copyright information is still very important.  Things that have been made or created by people - videos, pictures, and graphics – belong to the person who created it.  Unless that person gives you permission to use, you are not able to use the video, graphic, or picture for commercial use. 

The next time you search for videos or images to use in your training check to make sure “creative commons” search is on, or change your “usage rights” setting to find images or videos that fit your needs.  If you do find a video or image that you love and would like to use, simply contact the author and ask for permission to use it in your training.