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Dynamic Duo: You and Your Training Coach

Jun 19, 2018

Among the many great things that took place at the TRAINERS INSTITUTE was the making of PROFESSIONAL CONNECTIONS. Trainers tapped into this opportunity to set up meetings with their Training Coaches as well as have impromptu coaching moments between sessions. What better way to tell about this than hearing from the trainers themselves?

Jenniffer Truitt says, “I knew I needed to reach out to my coach, but with everything else on the ‘to do” list, it became a secondary need. At the Trainers Institute that gap was bridged and I was able to connect with my coach.  My coach was very flexible and was able to schedule a follow up meeting as early as the next week and fitting into my work schedule. This solidified a question /answer session in the near future requiring that I make all the vague questions I had into a concrete need. I really appreciate the time taken to meet with me and to resolve the questions I had. Being able to meet with my Training Coach has made things much clearer for me. Thank you for taking the time to help.”

Elizabeth Mays had this to say, “Both of the Training Coaches I met with were absolutely amazing and extremely approachable. I’m so grateful they met with me and shared their wisdom as well as resources. The connections that I will make as a result of my initial meeting with them are invaluable. Meeting with the Training Coaches was just the boost my career and professional development needed. I felt nothing but support. They also challenged me and with challenge comes growth. Thank you for being a part of my growth! I can’t wait until our NEXT meeting!