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If You Could Turn Back Time....

Sep 18, 2018

18-78-24 and 27-117-36 may not be your lucky lottery numbers, but they CAN be magical in transforming your hurried and hassled trainings into events that are manageable and fun again.

These are the approximate number of minutes used in a 2 or 3 hour training for the opening, content delivery, and closing components. Remember the CONTENT DELIVERY training curve from FET? It can help you plan your time wisely. It also is a good refresher on how PACES (Preview, Activate Prior Knowledge, Content, Exercise, Summary) fits within those components.    

If you often find yourself racing through your trainings it could be that you have TOO MANY great things planned!  And while it’s good to have so many wonderful ideas, following these time guidelines will make your trainings run much more smoothly. In addition, allowing the proper time for the various components will better assure that your participants take away what you want them to learn. If you feel that too much wonderful content will be left out if you don’t hurry, it is possible that you have enough material and activities to break the training down into TWO great trainings. If you need help figuring out how to best do this, contact your training coach for assistance.