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Presentation Styles

Sep 18, 2018

We are all familiar with learning styles of trainees, but were you aware that as a presenter you have your own presentation style? 
Your presentation style determines how you are most comfortable presenting a topic.  Just like learning styles there is no right or wrong way to present, but different trainees will enjoy different presentation styles.  There is also no right or wrong way to present a training and you will generally combine several styles together.

Motivational – you generally will be energetic, like to connect with the participants and view yourself as a coach that will help guide participants. 

Casual – you are more laid back, you do not practice much prior to presenting and generally have notes of topics and things you want to discuss jotted down.

Formal – you have a very polished presentation with every detailed planned.  You spend a lot of time preparing and have notes for everything. 

Humorous – you infuse humor into your training and do not generally take yourself very seriously or get too upset if something doesn’t go exactly as planned.

Visual – you like to show images and use slides to enhance your talking points.  Your content is generally minimalized.

Interactive – you want, and expect, participation from attendees.  You do not want the bulk of the training to consist of people listening to you speak.

  What do you think your presentation style is?  Do you think that it fits your personality and your training goals? 

Challenge yourself!  At your next training identify what style you use and determine if that style is most effective for both yourself and your trainees. 

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