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Ten-Day Timeliness Warning Letters and Tips

Sep 18, 2018
Effective immediately, the Ten-Day Timeliness Warning letters will be disseminated to any trainer who fails to comply with administrative regulation 922 KAR 2:240 which states:

Section 12 Maintenance of Records for Kentucky Early Care and Education Credentialed Trainers. (1) Credentialed trainers shall: (a) Enter records of training attendance and trainees into the cabinet designated data system within ten (10) days of the training: (b) Maintain records of training and trainees for three (3) years; and (c) Submit records of training provided and trainees to the cabinet upon request. 

Any trainer receiving a Ten-Day Timeliness Warning letter will be referred to their Child Care Aware Training Coach. The Training Coach will assist trainers with any difficulties they may be having in regards to the timely entering of trainings. 

Remember that failure to comply with this regulation could result in the loss of your Kentucky Early Care and Education Trainers Credential.
If you have questions regarding regulations or professional development, please contact the Division of Child Care at dccpdstaff@ky.gov.
Helpful tips for Credentialed Trainers:
  • Enter your data within 10 calendar days, not 10 business days.
  • Remember to click the “Submit as Complete” when entering your course credit
  • If you can’t confirm a participant is a match for someone in the ECE-TRIS system, enter them as a New Participant and finalize the credit for the session. Then click ‘submit as complete’ while you wait on information from the participant. Please note that having a record in ‘red’ as a new participant will not impact the timeliness.
  • Pre-register participants when possible. This step of data entry prior to the training makes post training processing quicker!