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Trainer's Resource Library

Dec 17, 2018

Winter generally comes with a slower work pace allowing us to check off our wish list. The Trainer’s Resource Library (TRL) offers training resources in each of the Child Care Aware regions across the state. Your Training Coach has a variety of books for using opening activities, how to make exciting power point presentations, using flip charts to ‘wow’ your participants, fun ways to incorporate puzzles into training content, and tips on how to communicate effectively with difficult participants. This is only to name a few of the resources. Should you contact your Training Coach and the topic isn’t in their inventory, no problem. Training Coaches can locate and use resources from across regions.

If you are tired of presenting the same training and looking for ways for a different twist, we have the resources for that as well. You may want to take a look into brain games, tricks and tips to shake out new ideas on revisiting training content, putting energizers to work for you, or developing a closing with an action plan in the hands of the participants as they walk out the door.

The TRL is here for the asking. Think about the training you are wanting to do and check out resources available to you.  Active Trainers make for happy participants.