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Training to Help Support Kentucky ALL STARS Standards

Dec 17, 2018

Did you know that ALL STARS, Kentucky’s new Quality Rating System for child care programs, has several standards that are directly and indirectly related to trainings?

Some of the standards are mandatory to receive a rating of a Level 2 and some are optional to receive points towards a rating of a Level 3-5. 

Standards that are directly related to trainings require a certain percentage of staff to attend trainings that cover a specific topic, in order to meet that standard. 

These standards include trainings on developmental screening, curriculum, instructional practices, teaching and learning, curriculum based assessment, and strengthening family engagement.

Standards that are indirectly related to trainings require staff to understand concepts and utilize them in the classroom.

These standards include topics on completing environmental self-assessments, using Kentucky Early Learning Standards in lesson plans, and having two way communication with families. 

All STARS Standards of Quality 

Hybrid Rating System

The next time you create a training, please take a moment to see if it might meet an ALL STARS standard.  It is also important to remember when entering your trainings into ECE-TRIS make sure that your title, description, and core content subject area are clear and directly reflect the content of the training to help eliminate any confusion of whether or not the training offered meets standard requirements.