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A Peek into the “New Look” of Fundamentals of Effective Training

Mar 18, 2019

This Winter, Fundamentals of Effective Training (aka FET), the 17-hour required course for Level II-V Early Care and Education Trainer’s Credential initial applicants was moved to a new online learning management system.

Under the expert guidance of our Professional Development Content Coordinator and the University of Kentucky’s online learning staff, your Training Coaches were tasked with reviewing the content of each module and reformatting it to fit into the new online learning platform.

As part of this process, sections of content underwent significant revision and updating, and one of these is what was formerly called Principles of Adult Learning.

The revisions followed the recent findings of studies that reveal students do not actually learn better through self-reported learning styles (for more information read Learning Styles as a Myth https://ctl.yale.edu/LearningStylesMyth?fbclid=IwAR0dh25BEk1KwthV8ZpcqeaF7b8WZoJpebnhwOdnz61CnaJWqSa1uCACYlg ),

This section, now called Effective Trainers and Training, focuses on laying a foundation for the recommended use of approaches to learning that are informed by cognitive and adult learning theory as opposed to attempting to match teaching strategies to individual preferred learning styles.

It presents information on brain structure, function, and development as they relate to learning, then discusses the role that life experience, culture and identity play in creating a population of diverse adult learners. 

Next, it details best practices in creating Optimal Conditions for Adult Learning through the use of Inclusive Teaching Strategies, Group Work/Collaborative Learning, and Active Learning (pairing participatory learning with metacognition).

Below are screen shots taken from the course, this allows you an inside view of a sample of the new content that we are excited to provide to future ECE trainers: