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Save Time, Money, & Trees

Mar 18, 2019

We are pleased to announce that the Division of Child Care, has decided that Kentucky Credentialed Trainers are no longer required to issue paper certificates to participants attending Early Care and Education training. The entering of credit into the ECE-TRIS system documents the credit needed for early childhood employment, Orientation for Early Care and Education Professionals training, CCCC/CDA renewal, Trainer’s Credential renewal, etc.  Remember, this makes it even more important to ensure that all attendees have an ECE-TRIS account set up. If not, please request that the attendee fill out an Early Care and Education Training Records System (TRIS) Information Form so that they may receive credit for training hours. You can find these forms in ECE-TRIS (https://tris.eku.edu/ece/content.php?CID=1) by going to the trainer resources tab. Then, you will follow protocol and enter the training credit into ECE-TRIS in the required 10 calendar day time frame.  Keep in mind that the 10 day clock starts ticking the DAY OF training. Timely entry ensures that the electronic training records are up to date and keeps you in line with the regulation requirement. If your participants inquire about certificates, simply refer them to their ECE-TRIS record for confirmation of credit for completion.

*For those attendees who are not affiliated with Kentucky, you would still need to issue a paper certificate in order for them to have proof of training.