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Warm Weather! Sunscreen! Field Trips! Oh My!

Jun 04, 2019

Warm Weather! Sunscreen! Field Trips! Oh My!

Summer is quickly approaching. See below for some refreshers on safety considerations in regards to field trips and sunscreen!


Field Trips: https://www.kentuckypartnership.org/resources/tip-and-tools Section 13

When preparing for a field trip, secure a field trip permission/release form, signed by a parent/guardian for every child who will attend the field trip.  The forms should include:

  • name of destination, address of destination, date of the trip, time of departure and time of return, whether or not children be eating while they are on the field trip, any special supplies needed (i.e., bathing suit, sack lunch), and possible fees that may apply (i.e., lunch, admission)

Also, make a field trip roster specific for the field trip that contains the name of each child who will be attending and has a signed permission release form along with space to record dates and times.


During the field trip, assign a qualified staff to each group of children. Staff should be clear which children are their responsibilities. Encourage staff to conduct numerous “face counts” to assure everyone is accounted for throughout the day. Providing matching T-shirts, wrist bands or name tags is a great way to identify your group. Ensure you consider staff duties: Who will be  in charge? Who will bring payment if needed? Who will carry the first aid kit/rescue medication? What is the plan if a child becomes ill?  Who has the identification information for each child in case an emergency comes up? You can never be too prepared when it comes to field trip safety!


Sunscreen: https://www.kentuckypartnership.org/resources/tip-and-tools Section 9 Form 4

Playing outside is important to children’s health and development, and some of the greatest family or childhood memories arise from outdoor fun— especially fun in the sun. Sunshine provides a boost of mood, vitamin D, and other health benefits. However, part of the sun’s energy is emitted as invisible rays called UV radiation which can burn skin and cause skin cancer. Therefore, it is important to practice good sun while outdoors and enjoying the weather.


Remember, sunscreen shall be stored inaccessible to a child. It can be given with a blanket permission form. All other medications require daily written permission. Find the sunscreen blanket permission form at the link above on the KY Partnership Website.  


Remember to contact your HS Coach for any questions regarding licensing and compliance. Also, be sure to review the updated Standards of Practice which are linked on the https://www.kentuckypartnership.org/resources/tip-and-tools site.