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Summer Reading by the Pool!

Jun 18, 2019

Are you a credentialed trainer that leads a training agency? Is being a credentialed trainer a side gig and you have another occupation where you lead others? Do you train directors, lead teachers, or supervisors and want some exciting and fresh ideas to share with them? Lucky for you there is a new resource available within the Trainer’s Resource Libraries that might help. During the 2019 Trainer’s Institute in May, speaker and author of “Permission to Screw Up: How I Learned to Lead by Doing (Almost) Everything Wrong” Kristen Hadeed, shared with credentialed trainers her experiences about how she became an effective leader through her mistakes and failures as well as how to treat and manage staff so that they are more likely to stay. In the childcare provider world, getting staff to feel valued and to stay can sometimes be a challenging and never ending task. The book has some ideas that may work to help build the workplace environment into a community that will foster growth and employee retention. Who knows it may spark some ideas on ways you can brighten your own workplace and create a more positive work environment with employees who truly like what they do. Hadeed also provides some unique techniques on ways that she has worked with and successfully staffed a primarily millennial workforce. If you are interested in this easy to read book that all started with a college student wanting a pair of jeans and turning that into a successful cleaning business, then please contact your Training Coach to check it out!

book by Hadeed

-April Brown
(The Lakes Region)