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"Trainer Connections" Initiative Launches

Jun 18, 2019

To promote a spirit of collaboration and connectedness among Kentucky’s ECE Trainers while supporting high quality training, regional Training Coaches have been tasked with coordinating Trainer Connections.  These opportunities for trainers to gather in person and online to share resources and ideas, network, and grow as a professional community are based on the needs, suggestions, and ideas that come directly from YOU!

Trainer Connections officially launched with a lively hour-long session at the 2019 Trainers Institute.  During this kickoff event, trainers participated in an engaging opening activity called Question Swap, and then competed for a championship title in an energizing game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.  Next, they split up into small groups by region to discuss both Trainer Connection events already on the calendar, and also some favorite quick and easy, adaptable ideas to use in a training when you complete content faster than expected and need to fill time at the end.

* * *

Here’s a quick roundup of some regional Trainer Connection activity from around the Commonwealth…

On May 17, Cumberland Region trainers tapped into technology to overcome geographic distance, and held an online “Zoom” meeting (aka video call).

They discussed topics raised by trainers who attended the Trainer Connections kickoff event:

  • How to get information out to providers about upcoming trainings that are Face to Face
  • Updated technology tricks and ideas for PowerPoints
  • Latest trends in the region in regards to training needs
  • Mentoring trainers
  • Activities/Icebreakers when you have to deliver very specific content such as Orientation trainings

“Yes, I really enjoyed Zoom.  I got to sit in front of my computer and join in the conversation,” said Robin Head, when asked about her virtual meeting experience. “I had some problems with my microphone, but got to type in all my comments. Great way to share information.”

Future Cumberland Region virtual events will occur quarterly at noon, with the next one scheduled for August 16.

* * *                              

Jumping off from the work started at their planning meeting prior to the Trainers Institute, trainers in the Northern Bluegrass Region got together on May 24 to share resources that help them stay up to date on developmentally appropriate practice, ALL STARS, and licensing regulatory requirements.  From this discussion, a written resource list was created, and then shared via email with all the NBG trainers.

Samantha Haley found this trainer gathering to be helpful. “It is nice to meet with other trainers to get ideas on how to deliver trainings!”

Dates and topics have already been selected for monthly NBG Trainer Connection events for the rest of the year, including sessions for: marketing, training data management in ECE-TRIS, connecting new and experienced trainers, and a Trainer/Director Meet and Greet.

* * *                              

In the Jefferson Region, a “Lunch and Learn” session was held on May 29th.  Light refreshments were served, and trainers were invited to bring a lunch to eat while discussing tricks of the trade, trainer resources, and “staying current” in both early childhood education and adult learning/effective training.  The tips, resources, and ideas shared by the trainers were compiled into a Word document, and then emailed to all Jefferson Trainers following the event.    

Charmaine Ward was glad she attended. “Thank you so much for this Lunch and Learn. It was good to rub shoulders with others in the same field, and I’m looking forward to the next session.”

Future Jefferson Lunch and Learn events will occur bimonthly in different meeting spaces available in various community organizations throughout Louisville.

* * *                              

All trainers are welcome and enthusiastically encouraged to attend any Trainer Connection event of interest to them in any region of Kentucky! For the current calendar showing ALL Trainer Connection events, topics, dates, times and locations visit www.kentuckypartnership.org/trainerconnections.

We hope to connect with YOU soon!

Hans Petersen and Gwen Johnson
(Jefferson Region and Cumberland Region)