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Trainer's Institute 2019 Recap

Jun 21, 2019

Did you attend the 2019 Trainer’s Institute?  If you did, we hope you had a wonderful time learning new things, if not we hope you will be able to join us next year!

Here's what one Trainer's Institute participant had to say:

"This was my first experience with the Trainer's Institute and I loved it.  I felt the presentations and trainers were great.  I would highly recommend this to someone in a training capacity.  I will definitely be attending again. I left with new and fresh ideas for my training role."

Here are some of the highlights of the 2019 Trainers Institute:

The institute was held at the Marriot Griffin Gate Hotel on May 8th and 9th 2019, which was a brand new venue for the Institute after being held at the Lexington Convention Center for several years.

There were a total of 139 participants!  That’s a lot of trainers gaining a lot of knowledge. Trainers had the opportunity to receive 9 How to Train other Adults hours over a period of a day and a half!

There were some incredible presenters this year, 12 to be exact! These included: Michelle Jones, Jennifer Chien, Patti Singleton, Paul Wesselman, Kristin Hadeed, Tommy Leach, Karl Richter, Emma Lee Davison, Eamonn Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Mays, Beth Schaeffer and Mary Spurlock.

These trainers were very engaging with topics such as:

“Design and Development of problem-Based Learning”, “Training with Flair: Upgrading Content & Content Delivery to Maximize Engagement”; “Create an Environment where All Generations Work Together in Harmony”, “Blended Learning Recipes, Lessons from the Road: Seasoned Trainers Share Their “Go To “Strategies” and “Trainings that Change Behaviors: Moving the Needle from Training for Understanding to Training Implementation”.

There was also a Kickoff Event for Trainer Connections! This kickoff allowed participants to give their input about what they would like to see happening in their regions.  They also got to engage in some super fun activities with their Training Coaches, such as Rock Paper Scissors!  Look for more information on Trainer Connections in your area from your regional Training Coach!

Planning has already begun for next year’s Trainers Institute, and we appreciate all the wonderful feedback from the evaluations!  We will be using those to make changes in order to make Trainers Institute 2020 the best one yet.

-Bambi Cliffe
(Southern Bluegrass Region)