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"Find Three" Ice Breaker

Sep 17, 2019

The Trainer Connections Events across the state allow EC Credentialed Trainers a way to share ideas and grow together. Enjoy this easy ice breaker, "Find Three", that was recently used at one of those events. 

1) Tell participants that we will begin with an icebreaker to help us all get to know each other by talking about some personal items they have in their possession right now.

2) Ask participants to take 3 minutes to "find 3" personal objects from inside their pockets, totebags, purses, wallets, or whatever they have with them at the moment (that each represent something different about their personality/who they are), set them out on the table and think about what they will say to the group about what each item is and what it represents to them.  

3) Scan the room to see how they are progressing (offer them the opportunity to only select 2 or 1 items if anyone seems to be struggling), after two minutes, tell them to take one more minute.

4)  Start with a volunteer (or yourself) and have everyone briefly name each item and explain what they represent about themselves.  Encourage others to share connections/respond to the items before moving on to next person. 

5) Select an idea or item shared during this activity and use it to craft a transition/segue into the next part of the training/meeting...

-Hans Petersen
(Jefferson Region)