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Training that Supports Kentucky ALL STARS Ratings

Sep 17, 2019

If you provide training to providers who participate in the Kentucky ALL STARS program, it is important that the required information be included in order for the program to increase quality and to meet the requirements needed by the facility to reach their star ratings goal. In addition to making sure that the training covers the required material, the written description in ECE-TRIS must be very specific in accurately detailing the required covered material, as the raters will use this information to award credit for having taken the proper training. For example, a training to meet ALL STARS standard B5 , 50% of teaching staff participate in professional learning activities related to curriculum-based assessment, would need the title, core content subject area, and description to accurately describe just that. 

For the curriculum based assessment training, the intent of the standard is that teachers learn how to use ongoing observation of children to assess developmental stages and progress. Those observation findings/results are used to inform classroom instruction. A training could be more general or be related to using specific tools (Creative Curriculum TSG, AEPS, High Scope COR, etc.).

You read the description:

This course outlines the framework of assessing communication in infants and children through age 24 months. Normal development, formal and informal assessment, red flags for other disorders and communication acquisition charts will be reviewed.

Let’s see if this training meets the intent of ALL STARS Standard B5.

- First, will teachers learn how to use ongoing assessment to assess children……... yes. This training will provide participants the opportunity to learn how to assess communication development in infants and toddlers.

- Second, will observation findings be used to inform classroom instruction……… no. While this training will enable teachers to know how to assess communication in young children, it does not appear to provide the opportunity to teach participants how to use those findings in classroom activities and routines.

Now look at this description:

Ongoing assessment is important to both curriculum and instruction. This training will explore the key aspects of ongoing Child assessment. Participants will learn how to prepare for assessment, collect information, interpret the information, and use it to strengthen instruction.

Will it meet the intent of the ALL STARS Standard? YES! Not only is it clear that this training will offer participants the opportunity to learn how to observe and assess children, but will also help them better know how to incorporate that information into the classroom.

Being pro-active and intentional in your title and description will ensure that you make your trainings relevant to the participants professional development goals, but also meet ALL STARS Standards.

If you need assistance in making sure that you are covering the needed information and/or documenting it correctly, reach out to your training coach.

-Karen Veeley
(Salt River Region)