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Training Pre Approvals

Oct 04, 2019
Training Pre-Approval

Have you ever taken a training only to find out that the training will not count towards your Early Childhood Clock Hours required for the Division of Regulated Child Care (DRCC)?
Not only is this a loss of time and money, but it can have adverse impacts on your annual DRCC visit and on your ALL STARS Standards.

A few simple steps can help navigate the training to see if you can use it for ECE Clock Hours:

Step #1 Check to see if the trainer has a Kentucky Trainer’s Credential. Reach out to the Trainer or Agency sponsoring the training to see if the Trainer has an active Credential.

Step #2 Check to see if the Training(s) have been pre-approved by searching the Calendar on ECE-TRIS.

Step #3 Submit a request to have the training(s) approved for Kentucky ECE Hours. This request can be done by anyone, the agency sponsoring the training, the program hiring the trainer, a child care employee, etc. Requests can be submitted for conferences (in and out of state), individual trainings, online, or in person training sessions.

Requests for pre-approval have to be done at least 30 days prior to the training session to ensure ample time to process the request.