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Frequently Asked Questions: Kentucky Child Care Regulations

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Children's Files

  • Can siblings be in the same file or does each child need their own file?

  • Can the doctor’s name and phone number come from the immunization certificate or does it have to be documented in another manner?

  • Will there be a uniform medical history form?

  • Therapists / 3rd party contracted services such as First Steps – do they need criminal checks and CAN in centers possessions to work with children unsupervised?

  • Does the parent have to list the name of their preferred hospital on the enrollment form?

Background Checks and Drug Related Felonies


  • Can I use a "Repurposed Playpen" for naptime?

Safe Sleep


  • Is there a time specified for naps?

  • Do school age children need mats or a rest time at all?

  • Does a certified home need to all of the activities in the daily planned programming?

  • For the activities for certified homes, must the materials be age appropriate for all ages the provider has enrolled?

  • Does a Type II have to keep infants and young toddlers separate from the other children?

  • How long is too long for a child to wait for an activity to begin, for an activity to last or as punishment?

  • Can you explain the difference between daily schedule vs daily activities?

  • What is included in the two hour a day limit for listening devices? If background music is played during nap, can we still have music for dancing and time in centers?

  • Would we be held to using our 2-hour “electronic viewing” time frame to include the use of tablets in our curriculum?

  • For the 21 month toddler transition – if all criteria are met, can the 21 month be with the older children all day?

Medication, First Aid & CPR

  • Can medications be given to children different from the directions on the nonprescription label if a physician’s statement is obtained?

  • Can child care centers keep medications overnight in their centers?

  • Is it okay for the parents of children on long term medications like Ritalin to have the pharmacy make an extra medication bottle with the label on it, so that they can keep the medication there at the center?

  • Is it acceptable to use a blanket permission slip for non-prescription medications such as diaper ointment and sun-screen?

  • Is CPR for adults mandatory?

  • Is it permissible to get CPR/First Aid training online?

Outdoor Play

Staff Files

Daily Attendance Record (CCAP DCC-94E)

Transportation & Field Trips